Friday, 15 December 2017

Biomass Briquetting Technologies and practices

Biomass briquette is tenderfoot in fuel collection that is very popular in least time. It is eco friendly and green energy source that used for cooking, heating and generating power. There are many ways to for briquette production but simple and easy way is to compress and bind biomass material such as forestry leaves, crop residues and organic wastes though high-tech technology called biomass briquetting. On the other hand, briquetting plant is machines performs manufacturing process of briquettes in the shape of round, hex, square and pellet.

Biomass briquetting technology is most preferable   technique in today’s world used for manufacturing briquettes. Jk Group is leading renewable energy   solutions manufacturer in India. We are committed to offer biomass briquetting machine which is   pressing and combining equipment using for   treatment   of biomass and agro forestry waste. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Briquetting - Tree Savior

Briquetting is a new technology that turning biomass waste in energy. It compresses biomass and agriculture wastes in cylindrical block of bio fuel which called briquettes. Raw material use in these process is already wastage part of tree for that no new tree cutting so it tree savior that help to keep environment green. Through using briquetting machine manufacturing product is cleaner and eco-friendly than regular forms of fuel.